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After a little harassment from my friends i’m finally presenting you with my next blog entry. I must confess I have not done a huge amount of baking since our web world last collided. just been a bit busy with my new job managing a lovely new cafe and roasters OZONE

And so what on earth have I come up with of late????

Whisky Gingerbread Chocolate Moustaches!!

ImageI was inspired by my beardy man who sports not only a wonderful ginger beard but a well groomed tweeked moustache. A man who is also fond of a cheeky whisky or three.I wont lie to you the moustache cut outs were kindly donated by the London Movember folk. Instead of using a small amount of fresh ginger I used ginger in syrup, a slightly less intense flavour but meant that I could use less sugar. The moustache backs are painted with dark chocolate.

What else…?????

Banana Bread Choc Bread and Butter Pudding with Flaked Almond Crust!

It seems like a life time ago since I made this for some pretty happy campers.

I made a traditional banana bread the night before. On the evening of the dinner I made a delicious custard from the LEON cook book. I did layers of bread followed by good quality dark chocolate. about 3 layers then poured the hot custard mix over the top and added a hefty amount of flaked almonds. Baked for 30mins at 180. Hot creamy crunchy dreamy naughty for you goodness.!


Next Up!

My “Adelaide” Sponge.

I only had two shallow flan tins hence the light trim at the top of the sponge cake but thats beside the point! The Adelaide Sponge had a base layer of clementine rhubarb marmalade that I also made myself, double cream with fresh passionfruit and pistachios were to follow with a scattering of blackberries to make it juuuusssssttttttt right!




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