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Just a little Nibble

I’d have to say that although I bloody love baking and making sweet treats I don’t actually have a massive sweet tooth. I guess I rather enjoy the tentetive process of desert making, the layering, rising, smashing, decorating, waiting, repeating, agonising, labor of love. I also enjoy wrapping a portion up and handing it over to one of my sweethearts to enjoy, for me it’s a way of saying ” hey I really think you’re neat and I’ve been thinking about you”.

Macadamia shortbreads with caramel fudge and dark chocolate icing

I think I left the shortbread in 5 mins too long so it became more like a biscuit than a soft shortbread. Paul and Samuel from Moro thought the crispness worked well with the gooeyness of fudge, so It wasn’t a complete failure. My favourite thing about this photo is the cake stand the shortbreads are on. A beautiful Royal Doulton cake stand I received for my birthday last year from Lovely James Joyce.

Happy New Year Pumpkin Pie

When I think of Pumpkin Pie I think of the Beverly Hills 90210 Thanks Giving Special in the 90’s. I’ve always been rather intrigued by the idea of this sweet tart/pie thing and it was not until New Years just gone that I decided it was time to see what all this hoo ha was about. This was baked in Cornwall for my lovely beardy man and friends Lizzy and James. Lots of mashed pumpkin, all spice, cardamom, cream, ginger and toasted almonds. I added hazelnuts to the shortcrust. Notice the areas where the edge is rather dark… Thats me being a right spazz putting the pie in the oven, spillage everywhere!

Cheap date trifle 

Tonight my mate Ra came over for the cheapest night of her life haha. Both counting our pennies, she thought she was in for baked beans on toast with Stepney Green air for dessert. I couldn’t fathom this thought so I came up with the cheapest of cheap dessert.. This might be boring to the readers but my lordy lord it was rad. I smashed up the left over shortbread fudge slice for the surprise bottom, did layers of custard and raspberries and sprinkled toasted coconut on top. Took minutes and looks 70’s glam dinner party. Thanks Tesco custard ( shame ).


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