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In The Beginning

I am a self taught baker.. I don’t really boast about what I make, i’m pretty shy about it my ego does get the better of me and I do worry about other peoples opinions. The idea of something not being edible is a horrifying thought, ahhhhh failure, you are such a darn nuisance of a feeling! Having said all this though, for me, baking is possibly the only time I can be completely at ease, alone with my own thoughts, own ideas. At this point, it’s only me who is judging! My stuff is rather rustic, nothing fancy pants ( due to my lack of technical skills). I have been bloody lucky to have spent some time with Madame Lily Vanilli, a rather inspiring self taught baker who is taking the world by whisk and pin Her, David and Martin have taught me great things about the trade, rather amazing individuals indeed.

My blog is not some wanky rant.. Just a place for friends to check out what I’ve been up to in my spare time on the other side of the world! I am open and eager for peoples ideas and feed back Please FEED BACK AWAY! I also hope that some of my treats will spark ideas in my readers too. All photos courtesy of Paul Shooter Mcgough


Mini Victoria Sponge

My first baking test in London!

This was my first London baking attempt at home! I thought instead of 1 large Vic Sponge I would much rather 6 miniature versions to nom on. The filling is vanilla rosewater cream and blackcurrant jam. My question for you. Why are the tops like little speed humps?!

Cherry Ripe Cupcakes

I made these in spring last year. Very very rich indeed, a vanilla/coconut cupcake base with a dark chocolate cherry liquor cream cheese icing. Notice my interesting icing technique, so advanced 😉

My Decadent Layer Tart

I was really quite proud of this little gem. I kinda just made it up as I went along. This layer tart was made for my dear friend Ian, a wonderful chef from Melbourne, recently working at Moro The tart consisted of 4 layers. The base was made with coconut biscuits and peanuts, 2nd layer was a cognac and dark chocolate fondant, 3rd layer butterscotch fudge and 4th was a dark chocolate mousse. Twas delicious indeed.

Croissants are HARRRRDDD!!!!

Croissants are HARRRRDDDD!

Oh my bloody Gosh! Croissants!!!! They will haunt me forever I swear! I don’t know how many attempts were made before I made a batch that were not too bread like, too crispy, too hard, too soft!!! It took me ages to realise I wasn’t using the correct flour. I searched so many recipes, watched a dozen YOUTUBE clips, all freaking different. My attempts are still a bit hit and miss but I am getting better, each time learning more and more about detail.

Chocolate Eclairs

I got the recipe from the cook book The Art of French Baking. It’s a bit of a fiddly thing to make.. Took me about 3 hours, this was my first attempt of course. Chocolate creme patissiere filling, wasn’t the best outcome, a little lumpy, though the flavour was still there. The eclairs were huge as I didn’t have the correct piping nozzle to make them small but not too small. Fed these to my workmates, a rather good 3pm treat.


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  1. Beautiful photography…makes me want to have a little nibble (no a big mouthful…who am I kidding!) Rachel, they all look delicious and those little Cherry Ripe Cupcakes sound fantastic…what a great combo of flavours !

  2. Angelique Vivienne

    Ohhhhh little Raquel, I’m so so so very proud of you!!! Tops on Victoria Sponges are rather like flying saucers, don’t you think???

  3. This blog is making me hungry! Thanks for sharing – I hope to get more adventurous with my baking this year! x


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